Nero stops media matics dvd player from playing



I had cause to perform a complete restore to my system, after the restore was completed the last item of softwear I reinstalled was Nero 5 , but when I tried to play a dvd on Media matics dvd player it would’nt i uninstalled Nero and it worked fine, I then reinstalled Nero again and had the same problem, can anybody help.
regards lyndyloo.


Is it that it won’t play, or just Nero has taken control of that file type. You should be able to right click on the file and select another program to play it.

To change what program is associated with that file type, go to settings-control panel, folder options. Click on the File Types tab and look for the extension of the file. Highlight the extension and then click change. You should be given a list of .exe files to open it. If Media Matics isn’t listed, browse for it.

Next time that file type is used, Media Matics will open.