Nero stops 1/2 way through


I added a Lite-On DVD recorder to my system. I had an NEC as slave and the Lite-On as the master. About 1/2 way through the Lite-On would stop recording. So I jettisonned the Lite-On thinking it was crap & got an NEC (Optiarc 7170A). Same thing is happening so it’s obviously not the drive it’s the user. Nero doesn’t report an error or crash, it just stops, and the light on the DVD goes out.

Anybody else have this happen? What am I doing wrong?



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Media could be one possibility, although the drive not operating in DMA mode is worth a check too (see how to check DMA in my sig). :slight_smile:

Can you download CD-DVD Speed (or find it in the Nero Toolkit), put one of your discs in, and tell us the MID info? This can be found under the “Disc Info” tab. :slight_smile:

Now it’s stopped reading discs. Windows indicates a disc is in and that’s it’s trying to read it, but all I get in Explorer is DVD-RAM. And when I click on that, it’s telling me there’s no disc in the drive.

It’s set to DMA.

As [B]Arachne[/B] suggested above, please use Nero CD/DVD speed and use the Disc Info tab to report to us the MID of the blank media you are using.

Windows does not natively support recordable DVD media, only DVD-Ram, so this would explain the error message you are getting.

Sorry… Forgot to mention that I already tried to run DriveSpeed from the Nero Toolkit. I’m putting in a cd-r by HP. The drive doesn’t recognize that anything is in there.

Could this be a cabling issue where I also had issues with a different unit? I have an NEC, different model on the middle plug of the cable set to slave, and the unit on the end set to master. At least I think that’s what I have. Going to open it up & make sure. But that’s the correct config? And these drives should co-exist? I’m not having any problems at all with the older unit that’s on the middle plug.

DriveSpeed controls the speed of the drive, CD/DVD Speed download here will provide info on the discs you are using such as burn speeds supported by the drive the disc is in, manufacturer, and Media Indentification code (MID). It’s the MID that we need mostly so we can know the quality of the discs you are using.

It is a possibility that it could be a cabling issue. Check the color of the cable connector at the motherboard, it will tell us whether it is a 40 wire or 80 wire cable.

What color should it be?

Would screwed up cabling give me the inconsistent results? Or would it not just work altogether?

80 pin should be blue, 40 pin black. And it would affect the DMA mode # (basically, HD’s mainly at mode 6, burners in either mode 2 or 4) , which basically is the rate at which data transfers


I wanted to try to put a hard drive & one DVD on one IDE channel, and the other HD & DVD on the other. But, of course, the cables won’t reach.

Either way, I got another 80 wire cable for the secondary channel and made sure the jumpers were all set correctly and the drives were plugged in to the right plugs on the wire. Every seems to be working. BUT the new drive, for whatever reason, is not liking the HP cd-r discs I have here, for writing or reading. Hopefully that’s it. It’s not having a problem with the RI-DATA DVD’s that I burned previously, or the spindle of Staples DVD+R’s I have.

Thanks goes out from me to all those who replied.