Nero Stopped Recording Sound

I have Nero StartSmart Essentials recording software with the Lite-On (?) DVD/CD burner. I’ve had it for over a year a recently the software stopped recording sound on DVDs. The sound will be there for a minute or so at the beginning of the movie but craps out after that leaving me with picture but no sound.

What would make this problem crop up suddenly after the software had worked fine without any audio issues for an extended length of time? The burned DVDS do not have audio when played on a DVD player or in Windows Media Player but the audio is there in the digital files on my computer.


You can try doing a fresh install of Nero, you might want to look for a nero ‘clean’ tool which can remove all the old traces of the program. Then reboot, and download the latest version, make sure you have your key code before hand.

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. However, I’ve run into a new snag. In trying to correct the problem, I ran an update on the current program through the update option in the program. But I got an error message stating that so-and-so update was no longer available and it will not complete this update attempt. The program however will not totally back out of the attempted update and when I attempt a deinstall of the current installation, I get an error message stating that another installation is still in progress and must be completed before I can perform any other updates.

So now I can’t update it and I can’t even remove the program from my system. Is there a software program out there that can override these types of errors and essentially force a deinstall of this Nero program? It is no good to me if it cannot be repaired in it’s current state.


The best route would have been to uninstall the old version that was giving trouble :doh:

Well its up to you, if it were me I would delete the Nero folder in the programs folder. Then download the Nero clean tool from HERE, let the tool clean the old stuff out, then reboot. Its odd that nero’s update software is so poor, but your just going to have to find the latest version that works with your key. If you have the retail disc it should tell you what version the key is for.