Nero Startsmart problem

Hoping someone out there can help me…

I have successfully burnt dvd’s previously using my preloaded Nero Startsmart programme. Suddenly without, apparently, me altering anything in particular i was unable to burn dvd’s. The reading process is fine but my blank dvd ejects after 2-3% complete.

Contacted Nero help - they told me to update my software, which i obediently did via the link they sent me.

Still no luck, the error message I get is attached…

Hope someone can provide me with some pointers to solve this little problem.


Does the disk have anything written on it? Check disk in Nero Disk info and see if it is still blank. If it is, it might be that your writer isnt recognizing the disk. Have you always used the same disks? I would first try a different quality disk. tayo yuden or verbatim.

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Your DMA is off for your QSI burner - check this thread for instructions on checking it/enabling it. :slight_smile:

The secondary was set incorrectly - but have restarted machine, checked that it had remained correct then retried the burn process…

Still not working, it seemed to get a little further this time however.

Attached is the new problem log…

LogIII.txt (10.4 KB)

According to Nero, your DMA is still off for your burner.

Can you check in Device Manager whether DMA is enabled?

Also, can you find CD-DVD Speed in the Nero Toolkit (or download the latest version), pop one of the discs you’re using into the drive, and tell me what the MID info is? You can find this under the “Disc Info” tab in CD-DVD Speed.

You’re burning at 2.4x, makes me wonder if it’s a problem with the firmware not supporting the media.


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@gordontoon: please edit out your Nero serial number from the top of the log file before posting it. It could save you a lot of trouble later if someone else decides to use and distribute it…