Nero starts to burn then stops responding




I bought a new system with LG DVD writer and it came with a Cyberlink Power DVD solution CD which included OEM version of Nero Express. My OS is Windows 2000 SP4. When I try to burn a DVD-R or DVD-RW Nero and also the system hangs at 1% burn status. I have to power off the system and could not even shut it down properly. Please let me know why this is happening and what I should do?

  1. Make sure your media is suported. Try to change your DVD-R disc.
    Try with some other make. Are you sure that your DVD burner is using DVD-R
    madia and not DVD+R

  2. It is importent to update firmware for your dvd burner.

Hope this will help for start


Go into the device manager (Control Panel->System->hardware) & check that for the IDE/ATA controller that DMA is on for the LG. This is sometimes the problem.

Don’t update the firmware for the burner, this can lose you your warranty if you screw up. And it’s not likely to be the problem. Need to look at other things first.

Presumably the LG is the 4163B in which case the firmware will probably be A104. Get Nero’s info tool if you’ve not got it(, this can tell you a lot, also CD/DVD Speed( ), this can tell you about the media ID.


Thanks for your inputs. I tried with a DVD+RW and the result is the same. Nero info tool shows DMA enabled on both primary master and slave. Is this a problem with the drive, Nero or the OS?


I had that problem recently with my external LG 5163D writer, but since I was using an NEC USB 2.0 PCMCIA card I figured it was that that caused the 1%-hanging problem. I had the IRQs configured properly so as not to cause conflict with other devices and voila! Now I’m happily burning away!!! :stuck_out_tongue: