Nero starts formatting dvd+rw before burning?

When im burning datafiles to my dvd+rw disc i get a mess. that says: start formatting disc before burning. The program does it automatically and then starts the burning process.
Whats does that means?

It’s also problem with fullerase option, my nec dvd+rw burner wont erase my rewritable dvd’s, whats the cause of that?

Tried several brands of discs with same error mess. while trying to erase them, hm very strange?

Also tried several burning progs. with same error mess.

need some pro help here maybe…

It’s not an error message! Every time you put a new DVD+RW, any brand of DVD+RW, it has to format before anything can be written to it.

I have the same problem with my nec 2500a,this is especially annoying as nero was supposed to fully erase the disc.Also I have tried different disc types always the same error message.