Nero Start Smart

Hello, My name is Diane. I just had my computer rebuilt and they added Nero Start Smart. So far, I have been doing sort of OK with it. I have some info on floppy discs I would like to copy to CD’s. Some of the info is split up onto 2 or 3 discs. Can I put all of that on one cd? When I put one disc on the cd, it will not let me put another. Stupid question I guess, but one has to start somewhere. Thanks


Someone may have a better answer for you, but what I would do is to take off all the files from the various media and put them on your hard drive. Then burn them from your hard drive to the CD.

When you burn a CD, there’s the option to either “finalize” (after which nothing more can be added) or to leave it “open”. Due to the difference in size, it’s not a good idea to backup files from a floppy to a CD directly (even if you left it “open”, because every new “session” uses additional space on the disc).

You’ll have seen by now that Seeker2’s advice is the way to go: copy everything you need into a folder on the hard disk first and then burn it as a “Data-cd” with Nero.