Nero Start Smart trouble with mp3 track listing order? Solution here!

If anyone else is finding they are having trouble listing/burning tracks in a specific order when trying to create an mp3 disc I have found the solution.By putting a number at the beginning of each file name eg:1)Vogue-Madonna the tracks will be listed in their specific order.Use numbers 1-9 at the beginning of each file but dont use numbers 10,11,12etc.If you do they will list as follows-1,10,11,12etc.Instead after number 9 put the numbers 90,91,92 etc.I figured this out after some trial and error.

If you’re adding less than 100 tracks then it has to be 01 , 02 etc. If more than 99 then 001, 002 etc.

I use Tag&Rename to do this sort of thing for me , although I guess some file renamers will do it equally OK.