Nero Start Smart not recognizing CD-R media

I have been having problems burning CD-R’s. My software recognized DVD-R’s
but when I try to burn a CD-R I get this message. DVD±RW waiting for disc.
Please insert the disc to write to. Disc required for the compilation: CD-R/RW
Disc type in the recorder: (Empty). I know the media I have inserted is blank and have not had any problem with this media before.

This has happened once before but the problem seemed to clear up on it’s own and I was able to burn CD-R’s again. My CD Rom can read CD’s I have burned before and I can open the media on them. I don’t understand what
happened one day I can burn the CD-R disc the next nothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?

What are you trying to create? If it’s an Audio CD I’d suggest Burrrn ( as a great free replacement. It only does Audio CDs.

Does Windows recognize the CD-R, or is it just Nero having a problem?

You might try removing the drive from Device Manager and letting Windows find it again. This assumes you have tried a cold boot to reset everything.

Windows doesn’t recognize the CD-R.

You don’t have Alcohol installed, do you? It can sometimes cause this behaviour. :slight_smile:

Would’s program recognize the CD-R if even Windows and Nero does’nt?

I do not have Alcohol installed. What program is that?

try removing upper/lower filter drivers as described here

Thanks I’ll check it out.