Nero stalls at 1% of DVD burn

I’ve seen this quite a few times now. Nero gets to 1% of a DVD burn,
then just quits. Have to ‘end task’ on Nero. Generates a coaster;
No files visible on the DVD, but Nero shows a track. Not readable.

Nero version under XP. Fast machine. Good TY media.

Any ideas?

are you using some ‘special’ IDE drivers?
do other dvd-writing programs work (e.g. clonedvd)? if so, you can exclude a hardware error…

No special drivers, Razor. The only thing that has changed is that
I’ve installed a Promise Ultra100 as a secondary controller in place
of a problematic Adaptec ATA IDE controller. I know about Promise
problems with DVD/CD drives, so I hook the Plextor to the motherboard
ATA controller.

The problem turns up only about 25% of the time, and I have not been
able to correlate it with anything. I haven’t seen it after clean boot yet,
but I hate to think I have to reboot to burn a DVD.

Are there other recommended programs that will burn a Video DVD via
VIDEO_TS? I’ll try an alternate program.

Happened again a couple times. I noticed that Nero never gets beyond
“Writing leadin” and the buffer graph is still empty.

Nero locks up–must exit via process manager. Unfortunately from that
point, the machine is basically screwed and requires hard reset.