Nero stalling at 6% when attempting to burn


Why is Nero stalling at 6% when attempting to burn?
Using a LTR 48125W
DMA enabled.
Updated Firmware (didn’t help)
This was happening before I upgrade from ver 5

I have been searching forums, help sections…Anybody?

Still having problems. Forgive me, I forgot who had originally responded, suggesting I change my media, which I did to Fuji disks.

Burned quite a few MP3’s without a hitch.
The problem is with burning to audio.
Running a ‘simulation’ under Nero 6 (The updated
shows everything ‘completed’ but when it get’s to the burn cycle it hangs at 6%…abhorting out doesn’t stop the writer and I have to manually shut the computer down.

Win XP Home SP1
LTR 48125w
Firmware ver. VS08

Read through Nero’s FAQ …confusing
Gone through the post’s here and it can get confusing as well, so forgive me if I am in the wrong section.

Read something about an SOA (spelling?) bug, could this be my problem?
What about drivers?
Settings in my BIOS?
At a loss here…

Did you try good software instead of Nero?

It’s a “hardware”/system problem, but there are programs that care a bit more about that.

“Feurio! CD-Writer:
* Problem: IDE-CD-Writer, DMA and CD-TEXT:
Unfortunately there have been several problems with IDE-CD-Writers, if DMA mode is activated and CD Text is to be written: On some systems the system crashes when writing the Lead-in.
The reasons for this are faulty IDE Busmaster drivers. To write CD Text, an “unusual” block size (96 bytes per sector) is used. It would appear that many busmaster drivers are unable to cope with this.
We have now tried to include a few “tricks” to transfer the data to the driver in a “more digestible” fashion. Please let us know if this has improved writing CD Text. It could of course also mean that these tricks make writing CD text not work on other systems - in this case please also send us a message!
Just to clarify the situation again: This is/was not an error in Feurio! - It is an error in many IDE Busmaster drivers which were probably only tested by the manufacturer with “usual” data block sizes - and still contain errors which only occur with “unusual” block sizes.
If writing CD text with active busmaster drive operation does not work with this version either, we can only continue to advise you to deactivate busmaster operation and to urge the vendor to finally correct the driver.”

To know if this is the problem, you’ll have to disable DMA and/or CD-Text.
What chipset does your mobo have?
If it’s Via, I recommend you try Feurio!, which, by the way, is better than Nero in almost every aspect.

Do you know if Nero is hanging while writing LeadIn?
At least, Feurio shows which part of the burning process is failing, instead of the silly progress bar in Nero.

What chipset does your mobo have?

SiS735 AMD Atholon XP

To know if this is the problem, you’ll have to disable DMA and/or CD-Text.

CD-text, forgot to try that…
How do you disable DMA in XP, (I couldn’t figure it out?)

Assuming this is the case, is there a way to update the drivers or ?

It appears that Nero is stalling on the leadIn…

Originally posted by crsschk

How do you disable DMA in XP, (I couldn’t figure it out?)

IDE Controller properties in the Device Manager.

I don’t know if Feurio developers tested SiS chipsets. You’ll have to try.

Installing latest SiS drivers might help, althought I usually prefer not to install manufacturer busmaster drivers, unless there are problems (like this).

Got an SiS driver upgrade at
It added the UDMA support, which now list’s it as a
’ PCI IDE UDMA Controller’ and seems to have resolved the problem.

Thanks for all your help

Got similar problem with following setup.

Burner: LiteOn LTR-52327S
Software: Nero

w/ .23, Nero gave me “Buffer too large” error.
w/ .28, Nero simply crash at around 5%.

Produced 2 coasters… :frowning:
Saw this thread and un-installed all VIA Bus Master Driver(not incl. in 4in1) and VIA PCI IDE Bus Driver(incl. in 4 in 1).
Everything works fine now.
Btw, my chipset is VIA KT600.


Interesting. Wonder what the experts think of all of this.

I had put “seem’s” to be working in my last reply, since I am still a bit skeptical, not to sure about this driver, have been having some problems on reboot…we’ll see.

Don’t understand how all these things work, just what they are supposed to be doing, or as in your case if they are even needed.