Nero - Stack Overflow Error .....grrrrr!

After testing a few softwares for burning, Nero seems to be the one I may want to keep…BUT, I consistently get a “Stack Overflow error”

Dr Watson, for what it`s worth says…

“The application overflowed its temporary memory area”

The module at fault seems to be kernel32.dll
the application is Nero.exe
and the main fault as far as I can see is the Exception :
c00000fd - Stack overflow.

I`m using Win98se + Nero6.

The error occurs usually when using the file browser in Nero when dragging files over, sometimes turning off showing icons in the browser can help temporarily, also reinstalling shell32.dll with SFC can seem to help, but the problem always returns.

I have increased the stack pages with the MinSPs command in system.ini…and now I can`t think of anything else to try.

Does anyone have any idea about this as I cant find any help anywhere, even from the Ahead site itself, apart from what Ive already done…

Please help :wink: