Nero Speed Test

Is the dip in the CD Speed Test toward the end of the test normal, or do I have a problem? The CD writer is a TDK 32/10/40B flashed to a LTR40125S.


What test are you doing?

If you are doing a burning speed test with a blank CDR, a speed dip might be caused by DMA not working or not being enabled.

If you are doing a reading test like the CD Quality test and the speed dips at the end, this is caused by reading errors that require slowing of the CD to accurately read the contents.

More details, please.

The details where supposed to be included in the screenshot of the test graph that I tried to post. Obviously, I didn’t do it correctly. The media was a Data CD (NOLF2). The graph line goes upwards at a constant rate to 42X, then drops almost straight down to 21X. The end result is: 21-35X CAV Avg 32.8. Haven’t tried it with blank media, but will give it a try.


@irish: you tried to link a file on your local hard disc. That doesn’t work. You must save it to some webspace :wink:

Game CD-ROM discs like NOLF2 may not be the best test media. I don’t know the format of this disc, but if it has Mode 2 information it may slow down the test results.

It’s better to use a known ISO 9660 mode 1 disc for the read test in CD Speed, as this is the format that burner specifications use for speed ratings.

Again, make sure that DMA is enabled. :wink:

Thanks for the image info.

Sorry folks- I didn’t understand the program correctly and ran the wrong test the wrong way.

The speed write test using blank media turned out ok, at 18-40X, avg 33, P-CAV.

Thanks for the help.