Nero speed test results

when i go to run a test, there are four tabs at the top. benchmark, disc info, disc quality, and scan disk. i can run the tests and get info on three of the tabs all but the disc quality tab. its the one with the graphs and the quality score at the bottom, at the top there are two buttons start and exit. the start tab is greyed out and wont let me run the test. i have seen people on here run the test on a disc and post the results, i was wondering how they did it and why mine wont let me.

This is because not all burners support scans.

What burner do you have?

lg gsa 2166d

Choose the correct drive in the dropdown box and it will become active.

LG drives do not support Quality Scanning.

LG drives don’t support quality scanning…but you can do a transfer rate test etc. on it. Just not the Disc Quality Scan.


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there are two choices and i have the lg in the drop down box and the start button is still greyed out.

as was already said, LG drives don’t support scans :frowning:

here is a pic

notice the start button is greyed out

wonder why the lg’s dont support it???

Its probably a firmware issue, although that just a guess.

do you have to run the test in the drive that burned it, i have another drive.

No. We all use another drive to do scans of LG burned media.

What is your other drive? Remember: only burners do reliable scans.

it’s a tsst . it can burn dvd’s too. i just put it in and it is the same as the lg the start button on that tab is greyed out. a little confused, could it be my nero settings or version of it.

here is a pic

maybe also this burner don’t support scans.

If you want to do scans you need a liteon, a benq, or a plextor drive. Some pioneer and some nec also do scans, but are less reliable.

there is a firmware update for the lg gsa 2166d out on there website , it is the only one for it that they have put out, but it gives very little description of what the new firmware is for. have you heard anything about it.

does anyone know of a utility or hacked firware out or somthing that would let me do it?

Not that I know of. :frowning:

Geno is right - a LiteOn, BenQ, or Plextor would be your best bet for good scanning.

Most of us that like to scan, and own LGs, keep one (or more in some cases) of these scanning drives handy.