Nero Speed Test reports lower burn speed



Whenever I run the Nero speed test (the one available at the burn menu, not CDSpeed) it reports “Can only write at 20x instead of 40x because speed of source data is too slow”. I’m not sure exactly what this means. Does it mean Nero is unable to read the Image fast enough to burn it at that speed?

What ever it means I don’t think it’s correct. I went ahead and left the setting at 40x and when the burn finished I was informed that the burn was actually done at 32x by PowerRec. I then burned at 20x and compared the two discs. As far as I can tell from the CDSpeed Quality test, the results were identical.

Anyone have a clue why Nero is telling me to burn so slow?


Is the source drive on the same IDE cable as the writer, if so this is attributed to the burner having to slow down as the cable can only allow use of one drive at a time.


Nope. HD is on Primary, Burner is on secondary as master with a CD-ROM as slave.

HD is 7200 RPM ATA/100 running in DMA 5, both CD Drives are DMA 2.

Is the Speed Test reporting correct speeds for everyone else? It did burn at 32x successfully so I’m guessing that speed test has to be wrong.


Prolly a glitch of some sort, but how fragmented is your HDD?


I thought that too. It was very fragmented so I defragged and ran the test again and it still stated 20x because the source data was too slow.


If the data source is your HDD then it’s most likely a glitch (hey at least it burns at 32x anyway:bigsmile: )