Nero speed problem

If I want to burn dvd-movie files to a dvd-r, With nero on a 4 speed dvd, it will take 30 min, what do I wrong…:confused:

These are the settings I use:

  1. start “Nero - Burning Rom”
    (If you have more than 1 burner, you have to choose “Recorder”
    on the top bar & then “choose Recorder”.
    click on your dvd-burner and then on “OK”)
  2. on the top bar choose “File” & then “New…”
  3. in the top-left-box choose “DVD” & then “DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO)”
    (don’t choose “DVD-Video”!!!)
  4. “Multisession” -> select “No Multisession”
  5. “ISO” -> select “ISO Level 1” & “ISO 9660”
    all other points have to be unchecked!
  6. “UDF” -> check the point “Force DVD-Video compatibility mode”
  7. “Label” -> at the point “Volume Label” you now enter your DVD-titel
    all other fields have to be blank
  8. “Dates” & “Misc” -> leave both as they are by default
  9. “Burn” -> only check write
  10. click on “New”
  11. select your “AUDIO_TS” & “VIDEO_TS” folders in the right browser
    and drop them into the left browser
  12. on the top bar choose “File” & then “Write CD…”
  13. insert a blank DVDr into your DVD-burner now and click on “Write”
  14. wait until it’s done, take off your dvdr and have fun with your movie!

My Burner is a Sony DRU510A 1.0c