Nero Speed Mesurement Dvd

Hi…i have a BTC 1004 and when i try this test before to burn the DVD they say me that the speed is 3X or 2X and burn at 2X if i don’t touch nothing…


if i don’t do this test and set write speed at 4X the do the DVD as well(i try with DVD+RW and DVD-R)!?!?

It’s a lie???

Itry with CD and is the same…but is more difficult to chek the effective speed…it say 27X and write at 16X…if i put 40X it work fine!!!

:eek: :eek:

I have the same problem a max of 2-3x when doing the speed test and yet a 4x burn works fine. The souce drive is a RAID 0 with a speed of 50-66x when you goto prefs and check the drive speed. So I KNOW its not the source. Cpu utilization is under 10% when burning at 4x. My Sony 500AU is set as master and the ONLY drive on the IDE Chain.

l v d a t a s p a m t r a p a t c o x d o t n e t

Dual PIII 1Ghz
60Gigx2 in a RAID 0 High Speed Array
512 Meg Ram