Nero Soundtrax new user - help needed!

Hi - I’m a new user with Nero Soundtrax - I have two questions:-

  1. When I am recording from a cassette tape the instructions in the wizard and elsewhere says “…adjust the input levels using the slider until the level meters are mostly in the yellow…” - I can’t find how to do this. The only slider is marked “Recording volume” and moving it has no effect on the level meters. Where are the sliders mentioned ?
  2. After recording from a tape I get one long track - with obvious quiet bits which correspond to the gaps between the songs. How do I insert a track breaks at these points so the CD records multiple tracks instead of one long one ? I’ve found this in the Wave Editor function - but then I can’t burn a CD or get back to the main project without loosing the breaks.
    Thanks for any advice…

Once you’ve got your track,export it to your music folder or somewhere, [it exports as .wav by default] You can then open wave editor and import your new track. If, as you say, there are ‘obvious quiet bits’ this will show on the waveform and inserting the splits should be easy. I think the only bit you haven’t sussed is the export bit, so thats the key.
Your best to stick with the .wav format to mess around with the file and then encode it to mp3 or whatever once you’vefinished editing it. Some of the mp3’s I’ve encoded with nero are of a very poor quality so let me know how you get on.

An answer, and a question.

First, I too puzzled about the function of the input slider control. Then I found that I could use the volume control on the cassette tape player from which I was sourcing the music to adjust the input level on SoundTrax. The slider control in the software does nothing that I can see, but perhaps it depends on the input source.

Next, the question: kaloochi’s answer is helpful, but doesn’t go all the way. Like jcham, I have ended up with one long track with obvious quiet bits. I’ve put in the splits using the automatic detector in the SoundTrax wizard. However, when I export the project to MP4 it comes out as a single file. Now, I want to listen to the music in my iPod and I think that means I need to have each track as a single file, grouped as an album. How do I achieve this? Do I need to select each song, copy it out into its own track, and export it separately? Or is there an automatic way of doing this?

All help gratefully received. I do not find the Nero user guides especially helpful here!