Nero SoundTrax burns only 2 channels?

I am having trouble with Nero (9.4) Soundtrax ( I selected a 5.1 channel project with auto-LFE. Added individual instruments, in wav files, track-by-track, and put them into all channels. When burning to cd, the disc only comes out with stereo. OS is Win7Pro. Burner is Optiarc AD-7240S. Played back on Pioneer DV-563A, and my PS3. Only comes out in 2 channels.
What am I missing? Is there an output (burn?) setting that needs to be set again, after choosing a 5.1 project? Would using the image recorder and changing file extension prior to burning work?
Thanks for any and all help.

Since when does CDDA support 5.1??

You need to create a special 5.1 CD with special tools!!!