Nero sound trax?



im using nero 6 and i think i use to have a program on it to be able to transfer lp, cassette to mp3 but iv uninstalled it and when i reinstalled it it is no longer there could any one help with this pls :sad:


Check this out, it might be helpful:


thanks for the link but what i’m really looking for is softwear so i can transfer cassette to mp3 ,i have the hardwear but no softwear


If you have the full Nero Suite, you should have Nero’s Wave Editor. You can use that to record your LP’s & cassetttes.


sorry i do not have the full nero suite ,but do you know of any freeware that can do the same thing ?


The link that Chef gave to Audacity is what you want. It’s software that will record anything coming out of your speakers. You can than save it as an mp3 file.


thanks ,i have it downloaded and well give it a try


can seem to get it to work :frowning:


Hi shadow266.

Checkout your other post ‘audio capture…help pls’. The method I suggested also works with inputs connected to your soundcards ‘line in’ or ‘microphone’.

Just change the input record box and your soundcard settings to one of the above.