Nero sound trax - tape to cd



using win xp pro sp1.
connected tape player to computer, using line in.
tried to use nero sound trax (ver – in nero suite ultra 6) to extract audio so that i could burn to cd.
partway thru process got error message that “An Error occurred while trying to open the wave output device”. tried to click ok- but i got a ringing noise, not unlike a telelphone, that would not quit. The only way to shut down was to reset my entire computer.
Everything else about nero works except my info tool.
How do i go about getting my tapes to convert to cd with this problem


Need details on your system setup - something is borked if InfoTool does not work. How does it “not work”, btw? What are the symptoms?

As for recording from line-in, better use a standalone sound editor like GoldWave or Audacity.


had it out with nero a while back. info freezes- just hangs there.
the only reason i decided to use sound trax was that someone bought me a little box that was supposed to make connecting to my computer a little easier (ads tech instant music) and it came with a copy of nero. i do use nero 6 ultra for burning cd roms and dvds and it works perfectly that way.
normally i use blaze for transferring and editing audio. that works fine with line in and the other settings that i am currently using.
and nero (from their site) hasn’t been much help in this- i haven’t received any kind of anser from them. in fact, i ran nero infotool to generate a logfile for them, and thats when it hung up.