Nero Sound Problem Wile Capturing Video/audio

I’m Usiing The Latest Downlodable Version Of Nero ( 7.5.70 )
Using Vison 4 Essentials
And When I Try To Capture Vidoe It Doesn’t Capture Any Audio.

I’m Using An Hp Media Center Pc With A Conexant 2388x Video Capture Card With Rca Video And Audio.

For Some Reason The Video Works But I Can’t Get Any Audio And I Tried Every Option In Configuration……

I Also Have Windvd And That Works Fine But It Sucks

Can Any One Help



What No One Has A Problem With Their Sound With Nero???

Here is the Nero manual for Nero Vision 4.

Look at pages 23 - 26+ and confirm your audio settings are correct for capturing video. It may be that you thought that audio would automatically be brought along with the video without confirming the settings.

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Thanks for your help, I unfortunately have tried this and I still get nothing. I don’t think Nero has the right drivers for my sound card because I can’t here anything even when I play a dvd with nero ( other programs work fine)