Nero Sound HELP!

i have nero 7 essentials and i am having sound troubles.

I start creating a DVD in Nero Vision and i do all the menus, import the files etc. When it comes to preview the sound is all like high pitched (Like as if the sound was being fast forwarded) and there is like this loud kind of BRSHHHHHHHHHH sound as well. Anyways, i think its just the preview so i burn it and its still there, crummy sound.

I’ve checked the videos they are fine and it happens with all files not just specific ones.

Have you tried a different audio format or converted the audio you have into a different format?

Hey I have the same problem too, since i installed the nero7 essentials i am having problems with my dvd writer. just bought anew dvd writer and still doing it so pls help how to fix this problem.

I am fedup of Nero beeing like this now i have been using nero for 10 years now and never been more frustrated so much of it before so , Guys is there a software as good as (if not better) Nero? Please help i think its time to change.