Nero software

I have some old music and photo CDs that I burned using Nero software. I have a newer computer running XP that doesn’t recognize anything is on these CDs. What do I need to do? Thanks

Does windows recognize the drive the CDs are in?..Can you view the files via Explorer?..

No. It doesn’t show anything. In fact it shows the window that comes up when you put a blank cd in. It will not show anything. When I click on the My Computer icon and then try to click on the DVD or DVD/CD-RW drives, they show up as blank CDs.

So windows [I]does[/I] see/recognize the drive…Have you tried playing the discs on another system?..I don’t use ner0, but perhaps the discs weren’t properly burned/created…Are you having probs with only these discs or all in general?..

I burned these CDs on an old computer running Windows 98. I bought the Nero software and installed it on that computer. All of the CDs that I have made lately with Windows Media Player and Sonic Record Now work fine.
I was wondering if I needed to download a Nero driver, but I don’t know which one.

Sorry, I don’t use Nero, perhaps others that do will chime in…You may need something like Isobuster to extract the contents and copy/burn a new disc using latest Nero or other SW…

If you used ‘InCD’ or one of those other ‘Drag and Burn’ softwares, this thread: might help. And if that’s the case, you can possibly get the appropriate version of Nero at:

I have a similar problem. Nero won’t tell me how to permanently delete certain files on my computer from Nero9 trial version. I had 5.5, replaced my dvd burner, and it came with Nero 7. DID NOT WORK, LOAD CORRECTLY, OR UNINSTALL COMPLETELY. I can’t update, take it out and start over or anything. I purchased Ashampoo Burning Studio 7, which worked fine, but dvds will only play on my computer, instead of regular dvd players. It seems the InCd might not be compatible with Windows XP in this version of Nero. I’m stuck also. My dvds look blank, but try writing to them again and it will probably tell you to insert a BLANK dvd. Ashampoo gave me a solution, but once again, now the dvd will only play on my computer.