Nero software

Hi , I did a kill disk on my pc I have a nero dvd and burner software that was wiped out. How do I get it back so that I can can play my dvd and media player. Help me please:eek:


You really can’t get it “back”. Did Nero come with your PC or with an optical drive that you bought? You’ll need to reinstall it, either from CD or from your PC manufacturer’s website if it came pre-installed. Do you have any recovery disks that came with your PC?

You can also try a different free player. Winows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, etc.

If smilie_bunnie had retrieved his Nero key before the crash, and if he kept it at a safe place, then he could download the latest variant of his major version (Nero 6, Nero 6.6, Nero 7 etc) from :slight_smile:
Or there is a Nero CD lying around…