Nero software

Does anyone know if Nero software interferes with copying snd burning a dvd using a product like DVD X copy? I’m trying oto decide on a burner and it seeems they all come with nero software. I really don’t know what that is but reading the posts it seems like it controls the reading and burning process. :o

I’m new to this and need advice on the fastest and quietest 20X DVD burner. Thanks in advance for any help !:confused:

Well first of all you don’t have to install Nero or whatever software comes with the burner(some drives come without). Nero generally doesn’t create problems if you don’t install InCD. Alot of people here seem to use ImgBurn(my norm) or CDSpeed(ISO or NRG files only) for alot of their burning. If the software you have works for you no need to install any other. As far as burners the NEC 7200 and Pioneer 115 or 215 should be current good options, the NEC seems to be quite fast. As far as quiet no opinion there personally, I don’t burn 16x or faster very often.