Nero software

I am new to burning I have not started yet but here is what I downloaded DVD Dycrypter, DVD Shrink, Fix VTS, and Ripit4me. My question is I want to download nero I have roxio but will use it for pictures and data but I have 2 free nero discs that came with my drives I bought, which one should I download or does it matter I am trying to keep all uneeded software off my computer as possible.Other reason for nero is to get recode. Here is what the 2 discs say. #1 Nero OEM SUITE kit contains (DOS Driver) (NERO EXPRESS 6.6, INCD4, NEROVISION EXPRESS 3, NERO BACK IT UP, MPEG-2SVCD/DVD PLUG-IN) (DVD REWRITABLE DRIVE MANUAL) ((ACROBATE READER (allready have)). # 2 NERO BURNING ROM (NERO BURNING ROM V5.5.7.1), (AHEAD Incl V3.22). Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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