NERO software which one



I am new to burning I have not started yet but here is what I downloaded DVD Dycrypter, DVD Shrink, Fix VTS, and Ripit4me. My question is I want to download nero I have roxio but will use it for pictures and data but I have 2 free nero discs that came with my drives I bought, which one should I download or does it matter I am trying to keep all uneeded software off my computer as possible.Other reason for nero is to get recode. Here is what the 2 discs say. #1 Nero OEM SUITE kit contains (DOS Driver) (NERO EXPRESS 6.6, INCD4, NEROVISION EXPRESS 3, NERO BACK IT UP, MPEG-2SVCD/DVD PLUG-IN) (DVD REWRITABLE DRIVE MANUAL) ((ACROBATE READER (allready have)). # 2 NERO BURNING ROM (NERO BURNING ROM V5.5.7.1), (AHEAD Incl V3.22). Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks


Why worry about Recode when you’ve got DVD Shrink anyway.

Of what you’ve got Nero 6.6 is the one you need & then if necessary update from Nero’s website to


You may also want to get DVDFabDecrypter which I need on rare ocasion when DVDDecrypter fails. There are various other programs that do what these programs do, but I’ve never needed any besides Nero, DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter and DVDFabDecrypter.


Make sure that ALL evidence of Roxio is removed before installing Nero. There are known serious issues with these products. Each uses a very different “packet writing” program and they DO conflict.


I’ve run Roxio & Nero together for many years without any conflict so to me this is unnecessary advice.

It’s only InCD & DragToDisk that cause a problem if both installed. InCD is the one to avoid really as I’ve found that the Roxio version works just fine.