Nero software question

I 'm not sure if this is the correct forum…but it is software…and if i mis-placed it then by all means move it where i can get some help…

heres my deal…my nero express when i click on bin or cue files to burn…it says…no compatiable file found…am i doing something wrong…
do i need to update my version…its bundled…or should i just re-install it …??? i’ve been having this problem for a while and started using winavi and dvd shrink…but …winavi doens’t work with bin or cue files …I know theres some knowledgeable person whos gonna help me out here…:slight_smile: thanks in advance…

Just use ImgBurn to burn the bin file. Should work fine.

ok tried that…now i get a cannot convert file data type to device data type error

Maybe the file is corrupted

You can open the cue-file with Notepad and check if it refers to the correct bin-file (spelling).

if thats the case…all my files are corrupted…and there have been bin files that worked in the past…now they don’t

FILE “title of movie.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TRACK 02 MODE2/2352
INDEX 00 00:04:00
INDEX 01 00:06:00

ok i did a different movie with Imgburn…and this is the error i get there
Image Format: MODE2/FORM1/2352

Is “title of movie.bin” spelled [I]exactly[/I] like the file-name? Then it should be alright - just something worth checking.

Are you able to mount them on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools?

it’s a bit of mucking about but convert from bin-iso

Click here
click on the mirror
then then extract with winiso/iso buster and see if there ok

I have only encountered this problem when the cue does not match the bin, as cressida has mentioned. Using SSs, example:
Cue: FILE “title of movie.bin” BINARY
BIN was title_of_move.bin
To solve it I just edited the cue to FILE “title_of_movie.bin” BINARY and it worked perfectly.

thanks Jayc…and cressida…i’ll give it a try…

The files may not be compliant? What exactly are you doing, converting AVI files to DVD format in the form of BIN/CUE files? If that’s the case, it sounds like the conversion program may not be creating DVD compliant files.

Edit: actually, Nero probably doesn’t even ‘care’ if the content of the Bin/Cue files are compliant, short of the files being corrupt (and I doubt that), Nero probably will burn the files regardless of what’s contained within them. I’m not very familiar with Bin/Cue files, hopefully someone that’s more familiar with them will recognize the problem. The only Bin/Cue files I’ve had, I burned with other programs than Nero (Alcohol 120%, CloneCD, DiscJuggler?), no reason that Nero shouldn’t be able to handle them though.

scoobie the cue file is an instruction file that tells the burning prog how to burn the bin. If they don’t match it does not work, therefore the information in the cue has to match the bin exactly.

Good suggestion from Bj as well - bin is nothing but an iso with a different name. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to use it, but UltraISO is also a nice program for such things. Dunno if it works for this conversion as a trial though.

that program i gave the link to, is freeware, no trial and works good :iagree:

well its not an avi file…i have no problems with converting them… hense my first post… with BIN AND CUE…:wink: but thanks anyway…

However…with what was said eariler…the bin and cue must be exact file names…i changed them…and voila…it was the problem…fixed and burned…!!! one for the cd freaks team