Nero smartstart

I have just loaded Nero 8 from a disc and while all the application appears to work ok if I try to load Nero through smartstart I am getting the following error message “RUNTIME ERROR. This application has requested Runtime to terminate in an unusual way” When I click on this error message Smartstart ceases to load.
Has anybody any idea what runtime is? and more importanly how can I correct this problem
many thanks for any info

You could run Nero from Nero Express. Smart Start is just a shell that calls the other Nero components as needed.

Thanks Olytelly but its useful to find if there are any updates. The first time I loaded Nero 8 it worked ok but because of other problems I uninstalled it and reloaded, it’c since then that it hasn’t worked

Just curious, but are you running Dual Core?

Did you use the Nero Cleaning tool? I’ve read that helps when you need to re-install Nero or just plain remove it.

Yes i am using a dual core computer and I uninstalled using the Nero 8 cleaner

Just for future reference, if you get that error, it means that through Task Manager you have to set the affinity for the program you are using to one core or the other, not both.

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question as I’m pretty ignorant in these matters but is the task manager part of Nero and how do I correct the problem?
I’m very grateful for your interest