Nero Smart Start

:)Could you tell me what is the difference between “data burning” and “burn data disc” as shown in the Nero page in my screen shot? "Data burning is at the left and 'Burn data disc to the right.

I think the box on the left just opens to a few more options as far as things to do with data or audio. Burning a data disk should just be doing computer type files or backups I’d think no matter what they call it, the rest are doing video/audio type things.

Thank You Dartman. My screen shot shows what is there when i click on “data burning”(to the left)>add the files but each time it goes to 50% and then fails. When i click on “burn data disc”(to the right) it goes to Nero Express>add files and folders and the burn goes through successfully. Thats why i asked, whats the difference between the two.

Well, Now you got me there. I usually end up doing small ISO’s and data occasionally and it always works but not sure I’ve done it starting in the same place as you.
One maybe does the burn differently or uses a slightly different format or something. I’d say just do it the way that works when it’s critical and maybe somebody who’s a Nero expert will jump in here and give you a proper answer or at least why it’s doing that.

Thank You