Nero Smart Start

My nero smart start is not reconizing my HP CD writer CD4E. On the site it says that it works with that. Does anyone know how I load the burner onto that program? or do I have to use the program it came with. Thanks.

I really need help with this. I dont like using the software that came with my HO CD WRITER. I also downloaded CD BURNER XP PRO and my boyfriend said it should work with anything really. If i use windows media player to burn a cd will it work in my HP burner?

Just a few more questions on my mind.
Thanks in Advance!

I also need help on this matter.
It would be greatly appreciated!
I’m using nero and I’m not able to uprade.
OS is win2000 also not able to upgrade.
Right now I’m downloading “stomp record now” to test if that works.
Thanks. :bow:

somebum, why can’t you upgrade? The upgrade to is free for any version of Nero 6.