Nero slow down


I have a problem with Nero on XP PRO writing at speed 40X (LG 8400).
I tried with different media, but still same thing.
Start writing at 20x and speed up to 31.7x till 25%. Then Nero slow down to 24x and it goes at 24x till end.
Before few week, everything was ok. For 700mb it used 2:50 min, but now 4:00 min.

Does anybody can tell me what’s going wrong?
Drivers, aspi, …

And what means: storprop.dll, redbook.sys


And what means: storprop.dll, redbook.sys
Why do you ask? Is your problem somehow related to these?
If memory serves me right, these are drivers under Win2K and XP for the drives you use.

Have you installed any software lately other than Nero? There have been some fazz about ECDC creating problems related to these when installed.

Do you get buffer flunctuations when the speed dorps down? You could check your DMA settings.

What ASPI version do you use (nero’s, Adaptec etc… ?) Checking whether your ASPI layer is properly installed can also help.