Nero Slideshow And Audio Help Please

Hi Sorry if I am asking silly questions but I am a beginner a bit on Nero.

I bought a DVD writer that had Nero Essentials bundled with it and decided I wanted to make a slideshow and add audio but I am having problems. I was told Nero was really good but I am wondering whether I should be using some other software instead.

I would like to preserve the photos on the DVD I make to be able to access them in the future on the PC too if possible which I think Nero does.

When I ran the slideshow software I can add pictures and I can add audio but I cannot seem to control where the audio will play in relation to the slideshow, they are just simply added one after the other and then when I play it back to check it, I hear no audio at all.

When I used window movie maker before you could slide the audio about so that it would start and finish where you want and even fade it out early.

Am I missing something?

Please help, I am pulling my hair out by now.

This is an edited update:-

I just updated my Nero software online and now it has got worse. When I try top browse and select mp3’s to add to my slide show it wont even add them to my MEDIA FILES for selection. It comes up with an error message saying "

The file ********* cannot be used because not all necessary licenses have been activated. Please follow the instructions on the screen to activate your license. After the license has been successfully activated, please restart the application and try again."

but nothing ever comes up that will allow me to activate anything.

Really desperate for help now. Any help appreciated.

Hey Happyhero…

Did you ever work this one out? I’ve got the same error message coming up (The file * cannot be used because not all the necessary licenses have been activated…)

Any ideas???