Nero skipping movies suddenly

Well, I purshased three samsung DIVX players so that I could get 4-5 :bow::bow:movies and/or TV episodes on the least amount of disks. All has gone perfectly…Law And ORDER 2 seasons, 4-5 movies per disc X4…and then suddenly when I attemoted to put 4 movies on Nero Express, data DVD, there eas an error stating burning faikled…too much error? They were AVI movies. However, one was 2.5 GB. I started wondering if that caused the problem. I went out and bought new DVD’s and have had the same exact things happen. The one movie, The" Horse Whisperer" >2 GB doesn’t appear on any og the 5 DVD’s even though it is lited on the DVD. And another movie og normal MB skips and stops exactly in the same places. I tried all 3 of my new DIVX players–same thing. I have never touched the settings on Nero Start Smart and all has gone well until yesterday. i just don’t know what to do now. I do not have the technical verbage that you all have with regards to speeds-registry values. can anyone make sense out of this? I even retored my PC back to yesterday am!! I would greatly appreciate your help!

However, one was 2.5 GB

Well that may be your problem. With my Philips player I have to stay [B]under[/B] 2GB with Xvids.

Do these Samsung players have a USB port?

yes…and it’s a really nice one…I couldn’t find the Phillips for 40.00 so went to sam’s and bought 3 for 60.00 each. I love them…but not since I am having burning problems. So, even though you can burn 4-5 movies= 4.? GB. Each movie must not be larger than 2 GB?? Thanks…I will find one with less GB and try. I thought that the AC3 might have interfered…That’s how much I know about things…Thanks again. I know I could watch it on a port but the whole point was to put 4-5 movies on one DVD for my family members and for me!

[B]I know I could watch it on a port [/B]but the whole point was to put 4-5 movies on one DVD for my family members and for me!

An easy way to check if they play before committing to disc.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU…I burned all 5 movies PERFECTLY. I found the Horse Whisperer with 1.34 GB (instead of >2 GB) and used that instead. Also, I replaced the movie that skipped alot with the same movie but different provider and all is JUST PERFECT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Also, if I have been writing in the wrong forum, I apologize! You can’t know how much I appreciate your help!!!

It took me a minute to think…Now I see what you’re saying…VERY GOOD IDEA Thanks, it will save me from ruining (now) 6 DVD’s…I appreciate your help so much!!!