Nero Simulate Option not avalaible!

Helo everyone.
I upgraded my Lite-on Firmware and now I am having problems with Nero, because the “Simulte” option is grayed out and I can’t select it, and the second problem is that even if I select “Multisession disc” the “write Method” is grayed out as well, and it is selected the “Disc at once”.
How can I solve this problems?
Thanks in advance.

Simulation is not available when burning to a DVD+r(w). I have a plextor and a BenQ and neither will allow simulation from within nero (BenQ will now do it through Qtools).

I also think that when writing to DVD+ media it cannot be done in sessions as such because the writer does not allow that form of writing. Nero gets around this by putting the drive in DAO mode and writing the session information in one pass rather than several. I could be wrong on this point though.

You should be able to do simulation and Multisession on other types of media.

What type of media are you using?

qwakrz is correct. I posted this same question at CDRLabs back in January. This is the response that was posted by a Nero representative:

The response is: “Simulation is allowed on some DVD+RW media for some recorders and on DVD-R always”. So this is not a bug but normal operation.