Nero silent audio

My head is a shed, and a previously reliable machine has left me forgetting things learned when windows BSOD’d every week so forgive me if I’m missing something stupid.

I can burn mp3’s to audio using wmp. I can play them using all sorts of software.

Nero (7) which came free with my burner has decided to refuse to burn a cd with any sound. If you play the CD you are going to burn it goes through the motions but with no sound.

It’s not a huge problem for me, but I share the PC with family and it’s the only software OH can use.

Any idea?

I’ve been down the reinstall route and can’t find any mute or volume button problems.

Did you lose all sound, or just when burning a CD with Ner0?..Try a different burning app…Burrrn, CDBurnerXP, BurnAware, Imgburn…Several to choose besides Ner0…

Just using Nero, I’m updating it at the moment to see if that cures it. I’d forgot when I reinstalled and it doesn’t automatically ask. 283Mb! thank the Lord for cable.

I don’t mind what I use to burn CD’s but my darling g/f only “likes” nero…
Windows burns them fine. Not tried a dvd since the problem began though.

I need to sort it or I’ll spend half my life burning CD’s for the women in this house who seem to have decided that what was great back in 2000 will do.