Nero Showtime - PCM Audio Problem?



Following a clean install of XP, I’ve reloaded Nero from it’s original retail disk, and applied all the latest updates from the Ahead web-site (having first verified them using their MD5 checksums)

I now notice that the current version of Nero Showtime ( doesn’t support playback of MPGs or DVDs that contain PCM audio tracks. (These MPGs were created using TMPGEnc Xpress)

The effect is identical to using Windows Media Player without a DVD plugin: the audio is choppy, and the video judders badly.

From the Ahead site, I see that PCM support in Showtime was “fixed” some time ago:

But it seems to me that it’s come back again.

I’ve done some experiementation and found that the playback of MPGs & DVDs containing MP2 or AC3 soundtracks is OK - as is PCM MPGs if played using Windows Media Player.

Sadly, to date, I’ve had nothing useful from Nero tech support.

Even if I can’t resolve this, I’d be happier knowing that others have found the same problem…


Further investigation has revealed that it’s the latest set of Nero updates that have caused this.

MPGs with PCM (Wav) Audio tracks play OK with Showtime if I clean, re-install and applying Nero and Vision Express

But, if I apply EITHER Nero OR Vision Express then PCM Audio playback stops.

(What seems strange is that re-applying the previous Nero updates does not fix it again - I have to clean and reinstall from the CD)

Given that I’ve verified the August update files using the MD5 checksums, is there a chance they could be corrupt - or is this just a universal problem with Nero’s latest release ?