Nero ShowTime Mobile

Downloaded the teaser for my PocketPC. GUI looks nice. It will not play a file I converted some time ago. Will try to recode another with the latest version. Anyone know if this supposed to be a working version?

Works for playing mp3 and mp4 audio here.

Video playback works, but it’s slow, unless you use the “portable” and “mobile” profiles in Recode…

Made a small one @ 210MB and mobile setting. Still won’t play. I have an IPAQ 3835 with windows CE 4.20. (mobile 2003). I will try to re-install the showtime mobile software later.

Small note: you need to press the + to add a file to a playlist, and then return to the playlist view, before it will play.

Got burned by this myself :slight_smile:

Hey!!! That works! It is not so evident that is what to do. Thank you very much for the directions. It works so so on the small file, will need to tweak a little for performance.

Hey Does some one know how Download Nero ShowTime Mobile for free? and where?? please help pleasE?