Nero Shows Diagonal Video

Trying to transcode and burn some vids from Europe with Vision Express 3 and they show up as a diagonal video.
Tried tweaking settings and aspect ratio with no luck.
Please advise.

I don’t know if it has something to do with PAL or NTSC or not. You might check to make sure you are being consistent.

You might also check the interlacing settings. If it seems to run out down the screen, it might be that. Start with Interlaced (bottom field first) in the video settings.

Burning NTSC
I don’t think it’s an interlacing problem, but regardless, I went through NV3 up and down and could not locate any place to change those settings.

My result is video that is actually on a 45 degree angle with a vertical break near the center. On either side of this break the picture is on oposite sides of the screen.
To explain again, but reworded:
Video is diagonal,
Split in the center,
Each side is swapped.
Looks kinda similar to scrambled cable channel. (Could this possibly be some sort of scrambleing technology to prevent copying?..all vids are from same source)

These vids play fine on all my PC players and thumbnails look fine in explorer.
When I load them into Nero, I can see the problem before I even play the vids, because the chapter thumnails in Nero are as described above.

Normally you change the video settings under the more button. There should be a video options tab where you can change some settings.

If you need to convert it from PAL to NTSC, you will probably have to use another application. I don’t know if Nero Recode will do it.

If that doesn’t help, maybe you lost the sync signal somehow. This is not my area, so I can only guess.