Nero - Short freeze @ the end of burning process

Today I bought Nero Burning ROM and everything works really good so far but I have a really small question (that’s why I posted it in this forum ;)):
Does Nero also freeze the system for a very short moment when throwing out the disc at the end of the burning process?
If yes, anybody found how to fix it? I mean it’s nothing really bad, but those winamp songs sound stupid at that moment :slight_smile:
Thanks for one or two quick answers.

Is it really freezing (no updates in the window) or do you see the timer runnning ? It’s probably just writing the lead-out of the disc.

It’s not freezing at my computers , though i hardly do anything else when i’m writing cd’s.

yeah I can’t move the mouse for about a second or so. Perhaps it’s because of Nero’s ASPI layer not perfectly running with my burner? Well it’s not too bad, let’s wait if Nero 6 will still do so :slight_smile:

This is quite normal. It’s not only Nero that does this when writing the lead-in or lead-out of the disc… other programs “lock” the system for about two seconds as well.