NERO Settings

Can somebody please help me. I’m using NERO version 7 to burn DVD’s. Everything works fine, but when I play the DVD back in my player, the playback is juddering about every second. The picture and audio quality are excellent and so is the audio sync, but it is noticeable when the camera moves across smoothly (obviously on my playback it is not smooth). When I play the downloaded files on my pc they are fine - I think the problem is when it is encoding or writing the file or something like that. I think I need to change the seeting to 24 frames per second, because PAL is about 25 FPS and NTSC is about 23 FPS. BUT I don’t know how to change the FPS.

I look forward to your comments.

Easier to get a player that supports both PAL and NTSC.

Nero should work all that out automaticaly, you do not need to change anything but set the format to PAL or NTSC, I would say that you used bad media or burned at to fast a speed.

Are you using compressed video and recoding back to fill a normal DVD?
…this could turn out choppy especially when there´s a lots of action as you mentioned.

Media is possibly a factor as well.

Have you had better success with other media, or burner, or burning parameters?