Nero settings

every time i try to burn something.when i hit burn it keeps wanting to save image as…and if i go ahead with burn it burns image to h/d…i dont know what setting i messed up…please help a dummy out… i just want to burn …not save…thanx
Really Sad

Does Nero recognise your burner(s)?

I had the same problem when my LiteOn mysteriously disappeared from Nero (just after I upgraded to Nero 7). When I looked, the drive had disappeared from My Computer etc, too.

A reboot may help, as it did for me, or you may need a Nero upgrade. What version are you using? What burner(s) do you have?

Check that your burner(s) are recognised in My Computer etc also. A lot of questions, some possibly irrelevant, I know!


Point Nero to your burner instead of the Image Recorder.

If the Image Recorder is all that’s available, right click the drive in Windows Explorer and turn off CD recording, then try Nero again. I’ve seen this fix the problem before.

I’ll have to file that one away for future use, I’d never have thought of that. You learn something new every day, especially on here! :bigsmile: