Nero Settings In XP Home - Help!

Hi There All

I am a newbie here - introduction elsewhere. I am old hand at forums and hope I have posted my rather annoying query in the correct place.

Recently I was give a 1.6Ghz XP Home based machine with a Sony DVD rewriter installed and have added a further NEC DVD rewriter to the system.

AFAIK - Both drives are working correctly, have the correct drivers installed and are configured to burn either cd’s and dvds

My problem is this, every time I try to use any burning software, mainly using “nero” I cannot get the software to allow me to burn to either of the two drives. The software defaults to “image recorder” and I am not given the option, as I normally would be, to chose which DVD Rewriter I would like to butn too.

I have un-installed and re-installed Nero various times. The machine also has “powere dvd” installed, yet that simply crashes when I try to use it.

I did recently install a ISO Burner program - used it a couple of times and then un-installed it. Would the residue of this program be the cause of the problem?

Im in real need of backing up all the data on the HDD so I can restore the machine to its “Out Of Box” state

Thanks in advance for any help - this problem is driving me up the proverbial wall !


Sounds like you are attempting to use an “OEM” version of Nero with a drive other than the one shipped with it.

[B]OEM[/B] versions are sometimes tied only to the drive they ship with and will not function on other burners.

The retail version of Nero or any other burning software may provide you with some relief.

You may test the functionality of your system and burners with the free burning software ImgBurn.