Nero sets DVD-R Book Type to DVD-ROM

Using a NEC 3500 with Hernie’s 2.17 and DataWrite Classics 8x (FUJIFILM 03).

Whenever I burn a data DVD in Nero (only tried data so far) the log shows “Book type automatically set to DVD-ROM.” As far as I’m aware this isn’t possible and shouldn’t be happening so does anybody know what the problem is?


It is not possible, that seems to be a Nero bug (you could check the discs with Nero CD-DVD speed or DVDinfopro though, and see what booktype is shown). Besides, you should disable Nero auto booktype if you have auto-bitsetting firmware (e.g. Herrie’s 2.17) installed, like explained here.

Nero booktype settings should look like this for NEC users with auto-bitsetting firmware:

I also get that message whenever I burn a DVD-R. I was assuming that Nero was trying to set the book type but that it would not be successful since DVD-Rs have their book type set at the factory.

Thanks, InfoTool shows that they’ normal DVD-R’s when burnt and I adjusted the recorder settings as per that screenshot.
One other question, what is “DVD high compatibility mode…?” I had that checked until now and Nero help doesn’t explain it.

Found this in a FAQ:

What is “DVD High Compatibility Mode”?
The DVD High Compatibility Mode is used to aid compatibility with certain DVD drives and players (by padding the disc with dummy data to a minimum of 1GB), but it will greatly increase the burning time. You should enable this option only if you encountered incompatibility issues with some DVD drives/players.