Nero serial number

Did a search and couldnt find any answers to this… I had downloaded and installed nero6 ultra editon… ordered it on line and received a serial number which I registered and everything worked just fine… when I discovered that the Nero media player put nero’s little code on everything I wanted to eliminate this so I had to delete the whole program to get rid of it… Now I want to reinstall the program without the media player and went to nero and found I had to update to 6.6 which I did, downloading and installing the first segment… But when tried to enter my serial number it said it was invalid… I have looked everywhere on the nero site and can find no answers to this, does anyone know what I have to do to correct this…
thanks in advance…


This happened to me also-

The online site (which appeared ligit) dropped me a illegal bomb - it worked for a while and then stopped working saying that I had an invalid seriel number-

Wrote to Nero (Ahead) and they said it was an illegal copy-

Got a cheapo version of Nero Suite 3 and got all the good stuff for $8 shipped from these folks:


Evidently you didn’t look everywhere… :eek:

I’m linking you to the main Clean Tools page as there are other usefull tools that at some point you may need someday… or not.

Nero 6 Clean Tool is what you want.


Tried the Clean Tool thing - still got the invalid seriel number message -


BUT, it might work for Valmac7…

I can’t help if you get software from Bruno down on the corner… :doh:

got it cleaned just fine, want to be able to use the serial number on new install