Nero sees 24102b as 2x write only

HI everyone,

Just bought a 24102b(5s54) I’ve tried the oem nero that came with the drive, also 5554 &5572 they all the the drive a 2x write only. cloneCD and cdrwin both see as 24x. Which leads me to believe it’s a s/w problem not hdw. any Ideas?


Jeff in LA. CA. USA.:mad:

got the same drive but with firmware 5s07
and had no problems with nero (which came with drive and later on with newer versions) … i think you go back to your reseller and explain this problem…

1: put an empty 24X certified CD-R disc into the drive.
2: Start Nero now, se if you could select 24X write speed now.

Thanx to those that replied.
I reinstall Nero 5572 as 1st time install instead of an upgrade it now sees my 24x at higher than 2x. It must be a bug in Nero. I figured it was a sw problem when CloneCD an Cdrwin both saw it correctly as a 24x writer. I’ve since made back ups of 3 games, Hitman- Cod47, MDK2 and HL_Opposing Force. It took over an hr. to read hl_O-F but it did a perfect copy. I’m very, very happy with my 24102b, MY plextor 1210a which I paid more that dbl. for less than a year ago could not back up these games.

Thanx to everyone who shares their knowledge on the forum.
Burn on!

JEff in L.A., CA. U.S.A.

hey glazenuts! wich firmware does your plextor 1210a is using?
I would like to test mine in those games soon.

I have also had the same problem only at 8x rather than 2x with my 24102b. Both Nero and Roxio 5 displayed 8x on my initial burn, however after the 1st burn, I could burn at any speed I chose within the Liteon’s range of 8x to 24x. Seems to be a problem with Smartburn reading the media inserted and sending a signal to the system that the media is only capable of a certain speed. Nero tech support suspects the same since the smartburn technology is more hardware driven than say burnproof. If you insert cd-r media in the drive and start the recording process you will get the full speed range however if you start your recording process with the disc you want to copy in the drive, it may only read it capable of supporting 8x recording speed. Like I said its only on the 1st burn after that I can record all day long on any speed.

Normally it will show 24X if you insert a 24X capable CD-R disc into the drive before you start the program!!!

That is correct OC…however as I was trying to say … most people start out with the disc they want to copy in the drive and that sets the speed of the 1st burn, even putting in a cd-r rated at 24x before starting the program will not circumvent this behavior. I have tried. The way aroung this ofcourse is to make an image of the disc and then insert the cd-r media and all is well with the world. And also as stated before it is only exhibiting this behavior on the very 1st burn after turning on my system. After that speed is king again.