Nero SecurDisc & 10 Question



I just received an email from Nero touting SecurDisc 's ability to “retrieve content from scratched, unreadable and aged discs”

Does anyone know if it actually works? Right now I’ve got a ton of cdr’s going bad, & if it really works, it would be worth the $50.

Also, I’m still using the last edition of 6. I never liked 7, & haven’t tried 8 or 9.

Any opinions on how 10 compares to 6 quality wise? These days I mostly use Nero for burning when I don’t use Imgburn, & sometimes for backups.

I used to use Nero Vision alot, but at least compared to 6, I have found several other programs to be superior.


Sorry if i haven’t got you right:

if your aim is to receive data of your already burnt scratched CDs then SecurDisc won’t be a help.
The Data Reliability may only rise for discs burnt with SecurDisc.


Thanks for your reply. Sounds like there’s probably little benefit to upgrading.