Nero SDK, please help!

Is it possible to use the nero api without Nero’s installation?

I presume you mean Nero’s ASPI. If so what’s your point? You can use the 4.60 ASPI with good results. We need more info from you as to what your trying to accomplish. Also you should first try a search in the forum to see if you can find a remedy. If not, then post.

I want to write “Record CDs” function in my own application with Nero SDK, but I do not know if user need install Nero when they used my application.
can you tell me? thank you!

Sorry, not familiar with Nero SDK. And I’m not sure if anyone can answer your question as we don’t know your application. You may want to see if a Moderator would move your thread over to the Nero forum on this site. You may have better results there. Also if you need the 4.60 ASPI you can get it here. I do know that if your using Nero 6, you should use Nero ASPI. Hope this helps some what. And welcome to the forum.