Nero SDK for VB?

hi forum,

is it possible to include the nero sdk lib’s in a vb project? Or is nero SDK only working with C++ - projects?

Thanx for answer.


You can use NeroCom to do CDBurning with or VB6.NeroCOM is part of nerosdk.
nerosdk can be doenloaded from

You can do many interestin things with nerocom.It is easy to use.A vb sample is also provided.Documentation is also good

Thanx, and where will i find the used lib’s for vb??? to intall in my project?

If you are using vb6

To reference the nerocom library

click project menu
select references
and select nero1.x library (i do not know the exact name)

please be sure a recent version is installed

if you already downloaded nerosdk (from you can find documentation and a sample vb application.